For Consumers

We offer new and used retail automobile loans through over 2,000 automotive dealerships across Canada. We value our clients greatly and demonstrate it through quality service, competitive rates, and quick decisions. With a loan from General Bank of Canada, you can drive away with peace of mind and knowing that you got a great deal on your auto loan.

Our loans offer:

  • Attractive rates: We do not have an expensive branch network to maintain and we pass those savings along to our customers.
  • Predictability: With a General Bank of Canada loan, you get a fixed interest rate, a fixed term, and fixed payments for the life of the loan.
  • Flexibility: You are free to prepay your loan at any time without penalty.

Ask your dealership Financial Services Manager to submit your auto loan application to General Bank of Canada.

For Dealers

General Bank of Canada is committed to the automotive financing business. We have over 60 years of auto retail experience and deep understanding of the unique needs of the Financial Services Office.

Our focus is to differentiate from the competition on the basis of service, both to you as the dealer, and to your customer once a loan is booked.

We offer:

  • Competitive interest rates for the consumer
  • Best in class participation for the dealership
  • Fast decisions on applications and settlement
  • Personal, attentive service with direct lines to buyers
  • Extensive industry knowledge and experience
  • Integration with both Dealertrack and RouteOne

Why a General Bank of Canada auto loan?

Peace of mind with a fixed interest rate

A GBC auto loan has a fixed rate of interest for the term of the loan. With a bank line of credit, you are subject to the risk of rising interest rates.

  • GBC Auto Loan
  • Line of Credit

Keep your credit availability for unexpected needs

Your GBC auto loan is a separate credit facility used only for financing your vehicle. When you use your line of credit to finance your vehicle, you restrict the availability of your line of credit for other purposes.

  • GBC Auto Loan
  • Line of Credit

Plan your budget around regular payments

A GBC auto loan is a fixed term contract with fixed payment amounts. Many lines of credit are Demand Loans where the provider can demand that you pay the loan in full at any time.

  • GBC Auto Loan
  • Line of Credit

Prepay anytime

You can prepay a GBC loan anytime without penalty, just like a line of credit.

  • GBC Auto Loan
  • Line of Credit

Know what you owe on your car

With a GBC loan, you will always know the exact amount you owe on your vehicle. If you use your line of credit, your vehicle financing is mixed up with all of your other financing needs (e.g., vacations, renovations, tuition, etc.) and you’ll never really know how much you still owe on the vehicle.

  • GBC Auto Loan
  • Line of Credit

Control your cost of borrowing

An auto loan from GBC has a fixed cost of borrowing. With a line of credit, you could end up paying interest only, meaning you extend the length of loan which could dramatically increase your cost of borrowing.

  • GBC Auto Loan
  • Line of Credit

Post only your car as security on the loan

With a GBC loan, the only collateral on the loan is the vehicle itself. If you put your vehicle on a line of credit, it may be wrapped up in a bundle of collateral for all of your bank loans. This may even include your home.

  • GBC Auto Loan
  • Line of Credit